What’s That Mutt?: Is that a splash of Shepherd or a hidden Husky?

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dog breed test, dog dna, what's that mutt?, haleyIt’s official: We’re kicking off our new What’s That Mutt? feature today, and I’m thrilled it’s with a dog so close to my heart.

Haley is a 38-lb., 3-year-old bundle of love whom I often take on long walks and romp in the park and play tug-of-war with. Her dad, Eric, is my longtime friend and has had Haley since she was a puppy.

Haley’s parents are mixed-breed dogs who live with a friend of Eric’s. “Haley’s mom is small, 30-35 lbs., with German Shepherd coloring and blue Husky eyes. My friend thinks she’s so small because she might have Border Collie in her. Haley’s dad is pretty big, more than 80lbs., and looks like a Yellow Lab/Pit Bull mix,” Eric says.

Don’t miss the adorable puppy picture of Haley after the jump!

dog breed test, dog dna, what's that mutt?

Haley as a puppy with her proud new Papa.

When you hang out with Haley the first thing that strikes you is how quiet she is. Eric ignored bad behavior and rewarded good to train her not to bark. Even when someone new enters the house, she only lets out a few sharp barks, then calms down. Rarely she’ll let out a Beagle-like howl.

Haley loves to do tricks and has a slew of them ready for any stranger who happens to admire her. She learned them quickly and continues to work on new ones with Eric. She’s smart but not hyperactive.

When our partner Canine Heritage Breed Test donated some tests to the blog, I asked Eric to let me test her. A quick cheek-swab later, and we sent in the test.

I’ll post the results next week, but first: What do you think Haley is and why? Leave a comment below and let us know!

UPDATE: Haley’s results are in! Check them out in What’s That Mutt?: Who knew? Haley is no Husky!

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