Tips for adopting pets from Petfinder’s co-founder

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Adoptable Pit Bull Boston is at the Second Chance Humane Society in Johnstown, OH. recently asked Petfinder co-founder Betsy Saul for advice on adopting the perfect pet. We liked the resulting article so much, we’re sharing a few of our favorite tips (read the original story here):

  1. Get to know your shelter. “Check out the policies, fees and attitude of the place you’re going to before you make a commitment — because sometimes, it’s almost like you’re adopting the shelter, too,” Betsy says.

  2. Consider an older pet. “They’ve seen a lot, and when you spring them from a shelter, they love you because you’re the person who got them out of there. And they’re often already house-trained,” says Betsy.

  1. Foster to adopt. Many shelters and
    rescue groups have foster-to-adopt programs, where you take the pet into your home for a period of time. It’s sort of like test-driving. It
    helps you assess if this pet fits into your lifestyle and gives
    everyone time to adjust and get to know each other.

So remember, whatever your pet preference, there is a rescue pet out there for you. Don’t give up! And don’t forget to search the 290,000+ adoptable Petfinder pets every day. Good luck!

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