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Send e-mail, help pets with the Foundation and replyforall!


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Add a replyforall signature to your email and raise money for the Foundation!

I am always looking for new ways to support animal welfare. That’s why I was thrilled to find, which allows me to raise money for homeless pets by simply adding a signature to my outgoing e-mails. Even more important, it works!

Last year the Foundation became one of replyforall’s non-profit partners. From July to December 2009, 43% of users chose to support animal welfare in their signature, raising $650 for the Foundation.

Thank you to everyone who has added us to their e-mail signature!

The Foundation gives money to the shelters and rescue
groups who list their pets on Petfinder. Please help us: Visit,
click “Sign Up Today,” then choose “Support Animal Rights” as your
cause when you create your new signature. Then every e-mail you send
will raise funds for homeless pets!

Do you know of an innovative campaign to help homeless pets? Tell us about it below!

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