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Q&A: Is it safe for dogs and cats to play rough together?




Dr. Lauren Brickman writes a pet health and care column for Read all the Q&As she’s shared with Petfinder here.

Q: My dog and cat like to wrestle and bite each other. I know they are just playing, but is it safe or should I stop them?

A: It is okay to let your dog and cat play with one another, but it is important to make sure that their play does not get too aggressive.

Cats who have long claws can cause a lot of damage to your dog. Not only can long nails cut your dog’s skin, but they can cause serious damage to his eyes. Scratches to the eye are considered emergencies and require immediate medical attention.

Remember that dogs have powerful jaws that can harm your cat. The force
of your dog’s bite or even just wrestling with the cat can be enough to
break or dislocate the cat’s delicate bones.

Just be sure that your pets do not play too rough and also be careful
not to let yourself get injured trying to break up a fight!

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