HSUS holds Dogs of Valor awards: Vote today!

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dogs of valor, calamity Jane photo

Dog of Valor Calamity Jane scared off an armed robber. (Photo: HSUS)

People who rescue pets often say the pet rescued them in return. But sometimes that’s literally true!

The Humane Society of the United States’ Dogs of Valor awards honor heroic dogs who really did save humans’ lives. (Read HSUS president Wayne Pacelle’s blog post about the awards.)

Here are just a few of the finalists:

  • Calamity Jane of Aledo, TX, charged a neighbor’s yard and scared off armed robbers.
  • Jackson of Rahway, NJ, alerted his owner that a 90-year-old neighbor was trapped under a fallen door.
  • Prozac of Sanford, NC, not only saved a member of the family when they couldn’t breathe, but awoke everyone two months later when the house was on fire.

So head over to the HSUS, read these amazing stories and place your vote for your favorite Dog of Valor. Then come back and find your own heroic canine among the 156,841 adoptable dogs on Petfinder.

Who will you vote for? Here’s a hint at my vote — we Janes have to stick together.

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