Take the Pet Personals quiz to find real pets that fit your lifestyle

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Some questions in The Shelter Pet Project’s Pet Personals

Our new FurKeeps section includes a link to The Shelter Pet Project‘s Pet Personals, a quiz that matches users with Petfinder pets who suit their lifestyle.

Just for fun, I took the quiz to see what everyone at Petfinder has been raving about. When asked whether I was interested in a dog or cat, I chose dog, entered my Zip code and then answered the questions about my life and what I was looking for in a pet.

It asked questions about size and gender, but
also fun ones like how often I wear black (often, but it always has a layer of
white fur from my dog; I’m keeping the lint roller companies in business!)
and whether I want a dog that lays or
plays (couch potato, please).

When I finished, I clicked submit and
immediately got back a list of adoptable pets on Petfinder that matched
my criteria. It was fun and produced results that were right on

Of course, the quiz is not just for fun. It will help you find a pet that matches your
lifestyle. Too many pets are chosen just
because they’re cute or in vogue (think Dalmatians after the movie 101
came out), and they sometimes end up being returned to the
shelter or rescue group. How sad!

Petfinder has launched FurKeeps because we’re really serious about making adoptions stick. We want
your pet to be with you for a lifetime. So if you’re thinking of adopting, check out The Shelter Pet Project’s Pet Personals, and visit FurKeeps for advice on your first 30 days with your new pet and much more!

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