What’s That Mutt?: Get a free breed test and your dog featured on Petfinder’s blog!

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Many of us thought Bingo, a “What’s That Mutt?” alumni, was a Schnauzer. See Bingo’s results.

UPDATE: Entries for the What’s That Mutt feature are now closed. Please stay tuned to the Petfinder blog for more great features and giveaways to come!

Do people stop you on the street to ask what kind of dog you have? Are even pet professionals puzzled by your pooch?

We want you!

Our generous partner, Canine Heritage Breed Test, has donated a number of tests to the Petfinder blog, and we will soon resume our popular “What’s That Mutt?” features.

Even better: one lucky reader’s dog will be selected to receive a free Canine Heritage Breed Test and get featured on the Petfinder blog.

Find out how to enter your dog after the jump.

To be considered, tell us why your dog is the most perplexing mixed
mutt around. Does he have any behavioral traits that might give us a
clue to his origins? What about his size, weight and health? Do you
have a sneaking suspicion about the answer?

Send your short description and a few pictures (full body and face shots please!) to us at “Jane (at) Petfinder dot-com” by April 30, 2010.

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