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Happy Tail: New home gives an old, blind Chinese Crested something to be thankful for


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Read Fred’s inspiring adoption story in Kelly’s words.

For Fred, there was nothing to be thankful for this past Thanksgiving. Old, blind and toothless, he had just been relinquished to a shelter when his “dad” was admitted into hospice care.

Eight years earlier, the Chinese Crested was found wandering the streets of New York City.

He limped because a broken leg had not healed properly, had a scar across his nose, and was going blind and deaf. His teeth were rotten, and his hair had fallen out.

Fortunately, he was taken in by an old man and nursed back to health. But now, with the old man near death and unable to care for him, Fred was once again without a home.

Now 14, Fred’s future was bleak.

Read the rest of Fred’s story after the jump.

Then Cares4pets,
a rescue group based in Philadelphia, pulled him from the shelter and
posted his story on Petfinder, where Kelly Davis of King of Prussia,
PA, happened to see it.

“I was searching Petfinder to see if there were still records of my
parents’ adopted dogs and their happy stories,” she says. “I found
myself reading about Fred and I started crying.”

Though Kelly wasn’t planning to adopt a dog, she couldn’t quit thinking
about Fred. “A few weeks later, he became my baby,” Kelly says.

Today, Fred’s life is once again happy. He enjoys exploring his backyard, taking walks and taking long naps in his own bed.

Sometimes he even accompanies Kelly to go shopping. “When he does, he
wears his harness which has a tiny New York license plate with his name
on it,” Kelly shared with us.

“This is all Fred has left from his eight years with his daddy — a man who I
will never know, but who I am forever grateful to for saving Fred’s

Fred’s thanksgiving came a bit late, but it did come.

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