Video: An adoptable cat’s taking YouTube by storm with ‘Happy or Angry Cat’

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Sometimes there’s nothing better to lift your mood than a cute cat video. So, when it came to our attention that one such video is of a Petfinder pet we just had to pass it along! (Check out more adoptable pet videos.)

adoptable cat video, happy or angry cat

Stella is available for adoption at the North Vancouver Animal Welfare Shelter in North Vancouver, BC.

Stella is an adoptable Tortoiseshell from the District of North Vancouver Animal Welfare Shelter and her “Happy or Angry Cat?” video is taking the YouTube circuit by storm.

The video was posted to YouTube just a month ago and has already been viewed nearly 500,000 times. But what’s the story behind this unique cat?

Find out Stella’s story after the jump.

“Stella was surrendered to us after a life of torment with young
children,” Stella’s Petfinder profile notes. “She had a large matte on
her back that we removed. It was during this grooming session that we
discovered she displays odd sounds and actions.”

The shelter took a video of Stella’s behavior, and the rest is history!
But, while fame is fun, we have our fingers crossed that this signals a shift in
Stella’s fortune.

“With such a large fan base, we are hoping there’s someone special out
there wanting to give her a good home,” reads her profile and we whole-heartedly agree!

Stella would do best as an only cat in a household with no small
children. Even if you’re not Stella’s purrrfect match, you can still help
Stella find a home.

Share this post with your friends and loved ones. As her profile notes,
“[Stella’s] fame might have brought you to the site, but it’s her
personality and your true commitment that should find her a forever

Do you know a current or former Petfinder pet that does things in his
or her own special way? Does s/he have a unique habit, or does s/he
show her gratitude like no other pet? Tell us below!

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