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This Shih Tzu got a holiday miracle


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Melinda Stewart, who volunteers at Dent County Animal Welfare Society in Salem, Missouri, sent us a good holiday homecoming story. She recently went to the shelter and saw a pitiful little Shih Tzu the rescue was calling Star. 

“[Star] had eye infections in both eyes,” Melinda says. “She had green coming from her nose, and a chest cough that rattled. She had just gotten back from the vet where she’d had to be sedated to be shaved because the mats were so tight.” (See Star’s dramatic shaved picture after the jump.) Despite Star’s discomfort, her sweet nature shined through. 

Melinda brought her home so the Shih Tzu could have a quiet place to heal. Meanwhile, Star was listed on Petfinder.

Two weeks later, Melinda got a phone call from someone who had seen Star’s Petfinder profile. The person thought the dog had been stolen from his backyard four months earlier.

“He described her to a tee,” Melinda says. Star even seemed to respond to “Bobbie Sue,” the name of the man’s lost dog.

Bobbie Sue’s parents were soon on their way, hoping to retrieve their beloved companion.

Still, it seemed unlikely that Star was their dog. Bobbie Sue went missing 50 miles north of Kansas City and Star was found in Montauk, a four or five hour drive away. How could a dog, weighing less than ten pounds, make it over 200 miles from home?

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Once the family met Melanie any doubt about Star’s identity vanished. She was Bobbie Sue! A tearful reunion was shared all around.

“If it hadn’t been for the parents’ vigilance in checking Petfinder,” Melinda says,” she wouldn’t have been found.” So it is something of a miracle that the little Shih Tzu, Bobbie Sue, is now back with her loving family.

In her note to us, Melinda wished there was a way to use this story to remind people to microchip their pets. So, Melinda, we hope our readers will take this story to heart and get their pets protected.

A microchip wouldn’t have prevented Bobbie Sue from being stolen, but it might have gotten her home sooner, and it certainly would have prevented any potential negative outcomes once she ended up back in the animal welfare system.

Thanks for sharing Bobbie Sue’s story with us Melanie!

Do you know a heart-warming reunion story? Maybe you heard about someone doing something special to spread the holiday joy. Share it below.

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