Top Nine: Petfinder’s 2009 “wrap-up” list for pet lovers

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Alexa, a Schipperke, is available for adoption at the Wright-Way Rescue in Chicago, IL.

It’s holiday season and the year’s end is quickly approaching, so we wanted to share our 2009 top nine “wrap-up” list for pet lovers. Why “top nine”? So there’s room for you to add one more!

From gift ideas to our choice for the No.1 pet-friendly celebrity of the year, our list brims with pet-related tips, facts and other favorites for 2009. We hope you enjoy it!

  1. Best way to incorporate your pet into the holiday festivities: Throw a tacky holiday sweater party and dress him or her up for the occasion.
  2. Best stocking stuffer: Petfinder’s Pet Promise Certificate – With this unique gift certificate, you can vow to cover all adoption fees while allowing your loved one to adopt the pet who best suits his or her lifestyle. (Of course, never confine a pet to a gift box under any circumstances.)
  3. Most fun way to keep the pounds off this holiday season: Exercise with your pet. A great indoor option (and growing trend) is Doga, where you can bend, twist and practice yoga positions with your dog.
  4. Most delicious holiday meal that both you and your pet can enjoy: Turkey. This festive favorite can be a treat for both pets and people – just make sure to feed it to your pet only in moderation and don’t ever let your pet have the bones!

  1. Thing to keep in mind this holiday season: Take a lesson from your pet and offer unconditional love.
  2. Best cleaning products for pet parents: Natures Miracle Stain & Odor remover. Another inexpensive, all-natural solution is vinegar, mixed with a little water.
  3. Best gift for a pet-loving co-worker: A framed picture of her beloved companion to keep on her desk, or an agreement to swap
    pet-sitting duties. (For more great gift ideas, check out the Petfinder Holiday Gift Guide.)
  4. Most pet-friendly celebrity of 2009: Oprah. By being an advocate
    of pet adoption, Oprah is helping to raise awareness about the millions
    of adoptable pets who need good homes.
  5. Most important headline-grabber for 2009: More than 400 Pit Bulls rescued in the largest dog-fighting raid in U.S. history!
  6. You tell us: What pet-related news, activities, entertainment
    and more should make the top ten list for 2009? Leave a comment below
    and let us know!

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