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Happy Tail: This nippy Border Collie became a ‘perfect’ show stopper


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Read Henna’s story in her mom’s own words.

Henna, a smooth-coat Border Collie, was having a hard time finding a home. She was returned to the Pulaski County Humane Society in Dublin, VA, several times because she nipped at people.

Then Rachel Shaw of Lynchburg, VA, recognized Henna’s nipping as something else — a typical Border Collie behavior to herd just about anyone or anything.

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Rachel adopted Henna, formerly called Anna and Willow, after seeing the her on Petfinder.

It was a perfect match. “I was looking for a high-drive dog for agility competition,” Rachel
says, “and she was perfect. In just one day she learned how to behave,
and we have been a team ever since.”

Henna has already earned her Canine Good Citizen Certificate, has
finished her novice obedience title in AKC and Rally, and is training
in agility and herding.

“My border collie trainer calls her ‘the wonder dog because she is so
incredibly smart and driven to work,” Rachel says. “This dog is a show

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