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Happy Tail: A calming cat helps one woman’s epilepsy


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Read about Elvis’ healing powers in Eva’s own words.

Twenty-one-year-old Eva Lapin of Beverly Hills, CA, suffered for three years with epilepsy.

“I knew I only had seizures when I was stressed, but I could not figure out how to relax myself,” Eva notes.

She soon realized that browsing on Petfinder relaxed her. Then, while browsing one evening magic struck.

“I had always wanted a cat of my own but never thought my parents would let me have one,” she says. “I saw a beautiful orange tabby that seemed to be smiling in his picture. I thought he was the cutest cat ever. I had to have him.”

She showed the photo to her parents and was surprised when they gave their okay to adopt him.

They visited Head 2 Tails Foundation, in Culver City, CA, who had listed the cat, Elvis, on Petfinder. Once there, the family learned that he had been rescued from an animal control facility when he was only an hour away from being euthanized.

“When I saw the cat, I fell in love,” Eva says. “He immediately came over to me and started to play and purr.”

“The moment Elvis arrived at our house,” she says, “I could feel myself
start to calm down and just focus all my energy on him. Ever since
then, I have been able to not stress over things because I know my
baby, Elvis, is always there for me.”

Elvis has inspired Eva’s interest in photography. “He is always there to strike a pose for me.”

Since she adopted him, Eva has only had one seizure, making Elvis
something of a miracle worker. Eva worked a miracle for him, too.

Have you experienced the healing power of pets? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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