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Q&A: Is there a supplement to reduce cat shedding?


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This week’s guest blogger, Dr. Lauren Brickman, started as a veterinary technician at Garden City Park in 1997 and went on to veterinary school at Ross University. She currently writes a popular question and answer column for that she has shared with us today.

Q: I have three house cats and they are shedding machines. I take them out and brush their hair, and they come back in and still shed. Is there some supplement I can give them to keep their hair on their bodies?

Find out Dr. Lauren’s answer after the jump.

A: Unfortunately there is no real magic to control shedding. Brushing as much as possible is definitely a help, but it sounds as if you are already doing that.

A good fatty acid supplement can sometimes help to improve skin and coat quality and decrease shedding. These supplements can be added to the food so that you don’t have to give your cats pills.

If you have questions about your pet’s health you can submit them to Dr. Lauren at

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