Chihuahuas flood California rescues; out-of-state adoptions encouraged

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chihuahua adoption photo

Canter, a Chihuahua, is available for adoption with the spcaLA.

Chihuahuas currently make up 30 percent or more of the shelter pet population of California, according to a recent Today Show report.

Megan Webb, Director of Oakland Animal Services in Oakland, CA, shared that they sometimes receive ten new Chihuahuas per day.

The reason? NBC reporter, George Lewis, notes recent movies, such as
Beverly Hills Chihuahua and the appearance of the small breed with
stars, such as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, may have added to the
initial demand for these dogs.

Whatever the reason, area shelters and rescues are considering their
options for handling the influx of the breed. The Today Show reports
that some shelters, built for larger-breed dogs, are remodeling to
better accommodate Chihuahua housing and adoptions.

Other rescues are considering adopting out dogs to areas with
a high-demand for the tiny breed — the increased Chihuahua
relinquishment rates seem to affect California shelters only. However,
with increased transport come increased costs — something Webb marks
as the largest challenge.

Oakland Animal Services has already transferred about 100 Chihuahuas to
Washington, Oregon and Arizona. “As soon as they get them, they are
ready for new ones,” stated Webb.

To view Chihuahuas available for adoption in California do a search by breed and location in our standard search bar on the top left side of most Petfinder pages.

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