Would you bring your pets on your honeymoon?

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martha stuart honeymoon pets photo

Do you bring your pets everywhere you go? (photo: The Bride’s Guide)

MarthaStuart.com blog The Bride’s Guide is asking readers: “Do you intend to honeymoon with your pet? If so, where are you going and how do you plan to get there?”

Blogger Jennifer Miranda even gives Petfinder a nice shout-out, writing:

To me, someone who was never allowed to have a significant pet besides a few goldfish and a newt, that [idea] is just bizarre.

But pet travel is becoming more and more popular in recent years, so much so that Petfinder.com even created a list of the five pet-friendliest airlines.

What about you — would you take your pet on your honeymoon? Take our poll after the jump.

Would you bring your pets on your honeymoon?
Definitely! They’re part of the family.
Maybe, if it were easy enough.
No way. My pet-sitter’s on call!

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