Video: Former Petfinder Great Dane named ‘World’s Tallest Dog’

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Titan, a Great Dane, was recently named the World’s Tallest Dog by Guinness Word Records and appeared on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. He is also special for another reason.

The Baltimore Examiner reports that Titan’s mom found the blind, deaf and epileptic rescue dog on Petfinder when he was just three months old — and already weighed 55 pounds.


Even as a puppy, Titan weighed 55 pounds. (Photo:The Baltimore Examiner)

“I had no idea Titan would be so tall,” Taylor told the Examiner. “But he just kept growing.” Titan is now 42.25 inches.

According to the Examiner, Taylor is using Titan’s new found fame to raise awareness about these “gentle giants:”

“Titan is my first Great Dane,” says Taylor. “What I love
about the dogs besides their size is their demeanor. They have a good
temperament. They love people and dogs, even small dogs. They love

Not only is Taylor a proud rescue mom, she’s showing the world what great companions special needs dogs like Titan can be. Thank you Taylor and Titan!

Do you know a special companion animal that’s a true ambassador for their breed? Tell us about them!

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