Pompeii’s stray dogs up for adoption

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pompeii stray dog.jpg

Pompeii has over 50 dogs that will be up for adoption. (Photo: icanidipompei.com/)

According to Discovery News, the stray dogs of Pompeii are about to get a second chance.

On Monday, Pompeii’s Emergency Commissioner, Marcello Fiori, announced a campaign to microchip, collar and tag each of the more than 50 dogs that frequent the ruins to find them permanent, loving homes.

“Stray dogs have given Pompeii a bad image, but things are going to change. From now on, dogs will have their own identity and dignity and will be taken care of,” Fiori told reporters at the press conference.

Volunteers from three of Italy’s leading animal charities have offered assistance with the campaign.

More from Discovery News after the jump.

The dogs will be treated for any illnesses and then
sterilized. Volunteers have already established shelters just outside
the ancient town’s walls.

But the most important part of the project is to find a new home for each dog.

“The dogs cannot remain at the site forever. Our goal is to find them a family,” Fiori said.

Those interested in adopting one of Pompeii’s stray dogs will soon be able to submit applications to http://www.icanidipompei.com/.

Of course, if you’re looking to adopt a tad
more locally, you can always search on Petfinder! Plenty of shelters
and rescues here in the United States are willing to consider
long-distance adoptions if your local rescue doesn’t have that perfect
pet for you.

Did you or someone you know adopt a stray dog? Did you find that
adopting a stray dog was different from adopting one that was
surrendered to a shelter or rescue?

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