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My adopted Boxer/Lab mix, Luckie, poses for this year’s holiday card.

People’s pets dressed up in holiday garb always makes me laugh. So this year I put some antlers on my dog and snapped his picture.

But making my friends chuckle isn’t my only good deed this season, thanks to a little help from the new Foundation Photo Store.

This year you can personalize holiday gifts while helping homeless pets at the same time.

The Foundation’s Photo Store offers pet lovers top quality digital photofinishing, personalized photo gifts, customized special occasion cards and more.

Best of all, a large portion of the proceeds goes straight to the Foundation to help even more homeless pets
this holiday season!

Check it out, make your own personal holiday gifts, and include your mutt’s mugshot — your friends and family are sure to love them.

You can bet that this year both Luckie and Scarlett, my adopted dogs, will be doing a lot more then just smiling for my family and friends — they will be giving back to homeless pets with help from the Foundation Photo Store!

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