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Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month: Five senior-pet Happy Tails to warm your heart


senior pet search.jpgNovember is Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month, and we’ll let people who’ve done just that explain why seasoned companions are so special.

Read on for five senior-pet Happy Tails — and if you can’t adopt your own senior pet, you can help them find homes by adding our adoptable senior pet search widget (shown here) to your Web site.

“We drove 800 miles to get her. It was love at first site. She happily hopped in the car and headed back to Alabama with us, where she immediately made herself at home and has stolen all of our hearts. She has filled much of the void left by my old pal Bud, and filled our home with the love of a senior dog. We tell her every day that she hit the Basset Hound lottery, but actually it was us who won.”
>> Read Bunny’s full Happy Tail.

“When I saw the face of Boogie, 13, I begged a rescue to take him from the city shelter. … He turned out to be much more than a pretty face, however. He acts more like a dog than any cat I have ever had. He has more than 30 meows and I hear new ones every week! … I will never understand why this cat was given up, but as luck and fate would have it, Boogie and I found each other!”
>> Read Boogie’s full Happy Tail.

willie-nelson-dog2.jpgWillie Nelson
“I found this 10-year-old little guy on Petfinder a year ago. He was bald, skinny and stinky and had severe gum disease as a result of prolonged neglect and abuse. Despite the rugged life he had obviously endured, his wonderful spirit brightens my life and the lives of everyone who meets him. He had the demeanor of a little middle-aged hippie troubadour, so I named him Willie Nelson.”
>> Read Willie Nelson’s full Happy Tail.

“Tyke is a 16-year-old Chinese Crested Powderpuff. He had been
surrendered to rescue for the second time. … I was very touched by Tyke’s picture, and by the fact that he was
in rescue at such an old age. … I
have only had Tyke for a short time; however, I am just in love with
this happy, energetic ‘old man.’ He is such a sweet, funny little dog.
I am so happy to have him in my life.”
>> Read Tyke’s full Happy Tail.

aware that senior pets are all too often passed over, we looked for a
little female senior kitty that needed a home in our area on
Petfinder. River has
now been home for a week, and she is the happiest, most delightful
little kitty. Even though she is estimated to be 11 years old, we still
may have many years left with her and we look forward to all of them.”
>> Read River’s full Happy Tail.

Do you have a senior-pet Happy Tail you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it!

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