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Happy Tail: After a marriage, a Jack Russell finds his soulmate


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Read the story of Tilly’s rescue in her adopter’s own words.

Bugsy, an eight-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, was Lauren Morris’s dog. He had come with her from her parents’ home — where he had plenty of playmates — to her marital home.

Now he was depressed, missing the little pack of terriers he’d been around all his life. Lauren and her husband decided to get him a companion.

“We both agreed the route of rescue would be best,” Lauren says, “giving a forever home to someone in need, rather
than supporting the breeding industry.”

The couple asked their veterinarian what kind of dog would be best for Bugsy. The vet suggested that a younger female dog would probably work out well.

Lauren’s husband favored German Shepherds, but they figured that was too large a breed to be a good companion for little Bugsy. So they logged on to Petfinder to see what was available and were shocked to see how many homeless pets were in their area.

Before long they zeroed in on a new listing by Doodle Dawgs and Fabulous Felines
in Waldorf, MD. It was a female puppy with markings like a German
Shepherd but who was expected to stay under 40 lbs. as an adult.  

and her littermates had been taken out of an open-admission shelter
where their days were numbered due to overcrowding. The Morrises
contacted the foster mom, filled out an application and were invited
to meet her.

“Other families had gathered to meet the litter, and they were all drawn to our girl,” Lauren says. “She
stuck out as a diamond in the rough. She was the only one with a
longer, silky coat — dull black with light tan points. The whole
litter was friendly, but she was particularly social. My husband
picked up our puppy and never put her down.”

They had found
their dog — and a friend for Bugsy. Lauren’s husband is a firefighter
and named the dog Tilly, short for Tiller, a reference to a fire truck.

first Bugsy was unsure of the new addition to the family, but Lauren
says he was curious. “She was small, but held her own and quickly
became his puppy.”  

Or did Bugsy become Tilly’s dog? “On the
second day in our home,” Lauren says, “I called my mother in tears as
Tilly cleaned Bugsy’s ears for him — something my first dog had done
from Bugsy’s puppyhood and something that he had obviously missed since
her passing the year before.”

Truly, a sweet match for the whole family.

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