Lab mix Logan wins a consultation with Victoria Stilwell!

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logan and carol.JPG

Logan with his foster mom, Carol

Last month we ran our second Victoria Stilwell contest, in which rescue groups nominated dogs in their care who could benefit from a phone consultation with the It’s Me or the Dog star.

Visitors voted on our five finalists, and Logan, a Hound-Lab mix at New York’s Buffalo Humane, won. (Meet Logan and the other finalists here.)

We’ll be following Logan’s progress here on the blog, as we did with our previous winner, Pit Bull Liza Bean.

Here’s the first update from Logan’s foster mom, Carol Tutzauer, in which she tells us about Logan’s great escape the night before she learned of his big win:

I was steeling myself for the
likelihood that wonderful Logan
would not win the Petfinder/Victoria Stilwell contest. After all, his profile
appeared as the last entry, not a good position for getting votes, having to
cursor down the screen to find him. “Too bad,” I thought. “Logan would benefit so much.”

My husband and I, educators at the State University of New York at Buffalo, had just survived
the first few days of the semester. Exhausted and tired from dealing with the
throng of students, we arrived home to our farmhouse, gathered
up all eight dogs (our four and the four fosters), stoked up the propane heater in the
pole barn and sat down with the dog gang and a nice cold beer.

Logan and our male German Shepherd, Hutch, don’t really
get along very well, but tonight all the dogs seemed relaxed and happy to
be together as we doled out treats. Two
foster pups were off playing in the corner, one climbing onto the barbecue
equipment trying to lick the remnants of our last outdoor effort from the grill
rack. “I really need to get that grill cleaned up,” my husband lamented, though
he made no move to deal with the matter right then, content to sip his

When it was time to head back into the house, we discussed
our plan for dealing with all the dogs. The foster puppies would go back inside first,
followed by the remaining fosters, and finally our own dogs would follow
while we closed up the barn for the night.

Well, as they say, the best laid plans …

No sooner did I get the two pups leashed than Logan
bolted through the door. “Free at last,” he must have thought! How many times had he pined behind the fence, watching our
own four dogs go on their daily romp and run through the cherry orchards to the
rear of our property, their mommy and daddy trailing behind, looking back as if
to say, “Come on, there’s good stuff out here!”

All I could think was, “Wouldn’t you know it: The night before
the contest winner is announced and I lose Logan.” In the distance, I could hear the
rustling of a dog whipping through two-ft.-high brush, occasionally snapping a
fallen cherry-tree twig. Off to the west, now off to the east.

I went to my car and drove closer to the orchard,
turned on the headlights and shone them in what I believed to be Logan’s direction. My husband had already
gathered a flashlight and was using it like a search beacon, first one
direction, then another.

Then, suddenly, there he was, like a flash! Logan looked at us, staring right into the
flashlight. “Loe-ggs,” I yelled. “Wanna ride?” I opened the car door as an invitation.

came bounding over, thrilled about his adventure and ready for the next one! From
behind, my husband closed the car door behind Logan and gave me a handful of treats with
which to reward him. “You’ll definitely want these,” he said.

Whew! That was close. But now we probably won’t win the
contest, don’t you know?

We finally rounded up all the dogs, got them settled in for
the night and finally could retire ourselves after a long and hectic day.
After all, with eight dogs and a gaggle of cats, including the ferals that visit
the barn for their ritual feedings, the days start early before the commute
into the city for work.

The next morning, I awoke to antsy dogs licking my fingers,
urging me to get up already and get them outside for their morning romp.
Normally, I let the dogs outside, bring them back in for a feeding, then let them out again for a good 20 minutes or so before
heading out to work.

But this morning was different. It was Sept. 2, the day the winner of the Petfinder contest was to be announced. Should I fire up the
computer and take a look? Maybe I’d just check my e-mail first, then gather the
courage to check the Web site.

As soon as I logged on to my e-mail account, I saw a message with a subject line that screamed:


Buffalo Humane’s Vice President of Communications, Clara Miller, was
already alerting our volunteers at 6 a.m., and the first congratulations were
already trickling in. Meanwhile, Logan
was doing as he always does first thing in the morning: looking forward to his
food and a fun romp with his foster friends.

By the time I arrived at work, my in box was full of
people patting Logan and me on the back. (Funny, I thought: I should be patting
THEM on the back. They were the ones who’d voted, after all!)

But the best thing? Logan
finally had someone interested in adopting him!

When I arrived home from work that evening, there was Logan, big old head
popped up on the other side of the door staring out and waiting to greet me. I
smiled, walked in and gave him the biggest hug. We both sat for a minute
on the floor. I looked at him, he looked at me, and I swear, a tear came to
both our eyes.

This is what it’s all about.

Now, about that little nipping problem … Victoria, help!

Stay tuned for more updates about Logan’s progress.