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Ever wonder how Petfinder got its start?


betsy.pngEver wondered who’s behind Petfinder and how Petfinder came to be? Check out this article in Guideposts magazine by our founder, Betsy Saul, in which she tells the story of Petfinder’s beginnings.

All of us who work here have heard the story many times, but I remember before I got this job, Petfinder and its origins were a huge mystery to me.

Here’s my favorite passage:

In those early days, my biggest struggle was hearing heartbreaking
stories about abused or abandoned animals. The pup who was left tied to
a lamp post in a thunderstorm. The dog who almost ran into traffic
trying to escape some mean kids throwing rocks at him. …

Then a few months into our project, something changed. Somehow my
perspective shifted. I started to see the hopeful side of those sad
stories, like the woman who chased off the mean kids and coaxed the dog
into her car, or the vet who stayed after hours to patch up a street
cat who’d been injured, or the family who adopted an abused dog and
lovingly taught her to trust again.

Read the full story here.

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