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Happy Tail: A rescued pit bull helps a daughter through a time of loss


NJ-Abby-Rose-Vetter.jpg Shortly after Colleen Vetter of Mahwah, N.J., adopted Abby Rose from Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in New Jersey, Colleen’s mother became terminally ill.

It hardly seemed an auspicious time to have a new member of the family. Life was hectic. Decisions had to be made by Colleen and her siblings, who spent many hours on the phone. Abby Rose stood by as a beacon of reassurance during the crisis.

“She was a huge comfort and mental health benefit during that time and every day since,” Colleen says. “She lay with me while I cried and played with me to keep my mind busy.”

In other words, Colleen’s new companion was the best antidote to grief
she could have found. When Colleen looked on Petfinder for a dog to
adopt — before her mother’s illness — she was simply looking for one
who needed unconditional love. It was about what she could do for the
dog, and Abby Rose certainly needed Colleen because the dog had been at
the refuge for quite some time.

“She has a portion of pit bull in her,” Colleen says, “which tends to get some dogs overlooked.”

the act of kindness in adopting an unwanted dog turned into a blessing
for Colleen herself as Abby Rose helped her new “mom” through her
grief, a silver lining for both of them.

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