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Happy Tail: A lonely cat is reunited with her foster-home soulmate


NY-roosevelt-Esken.jpgFor four days, Samantha the cat sat by the door through which her friend, Roosevelt, had departed with his new pet parent, and she cried.

The two domestic shorthairs had been nursed through an upper respiratory illness in the arms of their foster mom and had thoroughly bonded as they recovered. Now Roosevelt was gone.

Laurel Esken of Forest Hills, N.Y., had been looking for a companion for her Persian kitten, Sugar, who was overgrooming from lack of feline company, and saw Roosevelt listed on Petfinder by Posh Pets Rescue of New York City. She adopted him, but as it turned out, the now-recovered Roosevelt was too frisky for the placid Sugar, so Laurel checked back with Roosevelt’s foster mom about adopting another cat.

That’s when she heard about Samantha’s loneliness and agreed to take
Roosevelt to Samantha’s foster mom’s for a visit. They re-introduced the two
cats, with Samantha in a Sherpa-like carrier on the floor.

“Roosevelt smelled and smelled,” Laurel says. “He recognized
her. Then he tried to climb through the opened top [of the carrier], but couldn’t get his hind legs in. He backed down, stuck his head
in and nestled it against Samantha’s. It brought tears to my eyes.”

There was no question that Samantha was going home with
Roosevelt. Now Sugar, Roosevelt and Samantha make up one big happy

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