Want to include your dog in your wedding? Here are some tips!

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We’ve been hearing from more and more of you who included your pets in your weddings, and of
course we think this is wonderful. Pets are important members of the family, just like your brother, sister or even children.

Here are a few tips we’ve
developed from speaking with people who have included their pet in their special

  • When planning a ceremony and
    reception location, make sure they allow pets.

  • Designate someone (not in the bridal party) to watch your pet for the day.
  • Take photos with your dog before
    the wedding or on a different day.

  • Know your pet before making the
    decision to include them in your wedding, because some pets may not handle
    large crowds and intense situations well.

  • Talk to your guests, including the bridal party, before hand and see if
    they are comfortable having your pet around.

  • Keep in mind your pet’s temperament and abilities when deciding his or her
    role. If your puppy is just starting to learn how to sit, it’s not fair to
    expect him or her to walk down the aisle as the ring bearer.

  • Practice multiple times, like you would for any new trick or behavior. If
    your pet is going to be wearing a new item, like a bow tie collar or a ring
    pillow, put it on several times before the actual event. Offer treats and
    praise as you practice.
When we asked on this blog earlier this year for comments from readers who’d included their pets in their weddings, here are some of the responses we got (check out the original post for pics!):

White Dog, who has since gone to the Rainbow Bridge, was our Flower
Girl. We were fortunate enough to have her companionship for many years.

My fiance and I are getting married in September. I already got my two kids (a pit bull and a German shepherd mix) their outfits: My pitty is going to stand right next to me and my shepherd next to my man. I adopted both from Petfinder and am so excited to have them in my life!

am planning on having my little Onyx at my wedding next year. My fiance
and I found her on Petfinder last year and having a wedding without her
there would be wrong. She is going to walk down the isle with the
flower girl.

I found my Coco Latte through Petfinder almost five years ago, and she has been my constant companion.
She stood with me when I was married last December!

My dog is going to be in my wedding.
He’s a purebred German Shepard, and I’m sure he’ll really scare away my Fiance’s unwanted relatives … such as his mother ;P

Did you include your pet in your wedding? Tell us here!

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