Will you take your dog to work on Take Your Dog to Work Day?


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See Gizmo the Soldier Dog and other pups at work here.

June 26 is Take Your Dog to Work Day, and Petfinder is proud to be the 2009 official adoption partner of the event, which is organized by Pet Sitters International.

To find out how you can participate, including tips for success and how to win over your boss to the idea, visit TakeYourDog.com.

We asked Petfinder visitors if they bring their pets to work. Here are just a few of the responses:

My husband works for the US Army. And while he is not supposed to bring
him to work by Army standards, he brings our youngest dog to work with
him, and my husband’s boss brings his cats to work!

I work at Archdale Animal Clinic in Archdale, NC. We have a very laid-back boss. Pretty much everyone that I work with brings their dog to work with them daily. It’s like the dogs have a job too. They all run loose in the back and get along, except for the occasional grumble over treats. The clients know them all by name and love seeing them. Personally I don’t know what it would be like to not have Riley with me at work. I have never been in another vet clinic like ours, but for us it works.–Byrd

Since I work at an animal shelter, YES! We are allowed to bring our pets to work. For us, having our pets around really reminds us why we do what we do. Most of us have former shelter dogs, so it reinforces that happy endings do happen! It’s a great morale boost when you’re dealing with so much sadness. Even if it’s a co-worker’s dog, feeling that paw on your leg or that wet nose on your arm brings us back to why we started working there in the first place.–Melissa Tata, Program Administrator, Animal Protective Foundation, Scotia, NY

I work for my county’s local animal shelter. I’d
only been there about two months when a litter of border collie mixed
pups came in. That’s when I found my Blue, he looks like a
Border/Catahoula mix and he’s the love of my life. All 60 lbs of him,
he sleeps in bed with me at night and rides to work with me everyday! The
shelter manager thinks it’s good ‘PR’ — he’s like a Walmart greeter and
wants to meet every person and every animal who comes in. So I get to bring my dog with me to work every day and I love it. He hangs
out with the office ladies while I’m in the back cleaning and when I
come up to take breaks he’s right there waiting for me. Around noon we
go have lunch with our co-workers and usually take a big walk. It’s
just so nice, I’m blesed to have a job where I can bring him with me
everyday. The other ladies I work with love him, customers love him and
more importantly I love him. I think he encourages people coming into the shelter to adopt a dog!–Chelyse

My school lets me bring the dogs to school :)

We don’t have a specific policy but doggies are
welcome at our various offices. People really enjoy having them in the
office. It gives the place a homey feel and my dog loves coming in and
hanging out.–Audrey Helderman, Recruiting Communications & Events, Facebook, Palo Alto, CA 

Do you bring your own pet(s) to work? Tell us here!