What’s That Mutt: HALF of Alan looks like a Doberman …

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AlanDNAphoto2.jpgI previously posted about my dog Alan, whom I adopted almost a year
. As he has acclimated to family life, one thing has become clear: He’s a
real character, with a personality as unique as his good looks.

Whenever someone meets him, the conversation inevitably turns to
speculation about what breeds he is a mix of.

I have postulated that there must be a strong Rottweiler/Doberman component,
since from the back end his coloration and physique are very close to
those breeds. Then again, I may be reacting to the fact that somewhere
along the line someone (sadly) felt compelled to crop his tail.

the front, things are less clear. It seems like some of his unusual
traits might lend a clue — for example, he is deaf, extremely fast, has
huge paws and long, awkward legs.

alan2.jpgThe kind folks at MetaMorphix, Inc., sent me a Canine Heritage breed test to try and shed some light on just what my boy is. After a
simple swab of his cheek, I sent off the sample for DNA analysis and
have just received the results.

I will be posting those in the next
week or two, but thought it would be fun to see what kinds of guesses I
might solicit from all of you. So let me know what you think!

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