What’s That Mutt: Alan’s ancestry is revealed!

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alan.jpgI want to thank everyone for their comments and guesses as to the breed of my dog, Alan.

Many of you were on the right track: According the the Canine Heritage breed identification, there were no clear primary breeds (neither parent was a purebred) but they did identify Greyhound as a secondary breed.

Now here’s a head scratcher — the only other breed they identified “in the mix” was English Coonhound!

Clearly he is a true mutt, and it goes to show what gorgeous and fantastic pets mixed breeds are. I tend to agree with some of of you who considered Great Dane, Rottweiler and/or Doberman in there somewhere.

I particularly like the idea of him being a “Great Bordobie” as someone suggested (“the ears of a border collie, body of a dobie and his head just screams great dane”). Perhaps more like a Great Greyeiler? I’m not sure about the rest … but he is definitely great!

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