Read the results of our adoption customer-service survey


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Photo by questioning[lovely] (Flickr)

Last month, we asked Petfinder visitors like you to take a survey about their experiences adopting, or trying to adopt, from a shelter or rescue group. A whopping 2,667 people responded.

Read the results here and find out what they said about customer service at adoption organizations. Among the questions we asked:

  • How was your experience overall?
  • Have you ever contacted an adoption group and received NO REPLY?
  • What would make you consider going to a breeder or pet store?

We also asked for write-in answers to questions such as, “Do you have advice for shelters/rescues?” Some examples of the answers we got include:

  • “Responsiveness is extremely important for families looking for a
    pet. I find a lot of rescues either don’t respond or are not responsive
    enough, especially if the only way to contact them is via e-mail.”
  • “[Have] patience with prospective families as they interact and ask questions
    regarding their possible new pet. I took a LONG time to decide if my
    new pet would be ‘the one’ and the staff were amazingly patient and
    understanding of my need to make sure this fit would last forever.”
  • “Don’t treat potential adopters like we are the enemy!”
  • “As much as I can appreciate their criteria (fenced yard, etc) some
    things are over the top. I had a rescue turn me down once because I
    worked and I am single. They wanted someone who stayed home. Are they

We’ve passed along the results to our 12,500+ shelter and rescue group
members, so if you answered the survey, rest assured, your voice will
be heard.

Check out the results and then tell us your thoughts here!