How does Petfinder help pets? Read our 2008 Annual Report!


annual report cover.JPGWant to learn more about Petfinder and all the ways we help our shelter and rescue group members get their pets adopted? Check out our 2008 Annual Report.

Some highlights:

  • Petfinder accounts for 65% of U.S. and Canadian adoptions.
  • For about a quarter of our 12,500+ shelter/rescue group members, Petfinder is responsible
    for 80-100% of ALL their adoptions.
  • Petfinder sends adoptable-pet listings to over 275 popular Web sites such as AOL,,, Oodle and MySpace, reaching millions of
    potential adopters every year.
  • Petfinder Mobile takes adoptable pets on the road –
    via cell phones, BlackBerrys and iPhones.
  • The Foundation awarded more than
    $1,000,000 in cash and products to our members in disaster-relief grants and power-generator awards.
  • Petfinder pets data will power the adoptable-pet search on the web site for the Ad
    Council’s first-ever animal welfare-oriented campaign in partnership with the
    Humane Society of the United States and Maddie’s Fund.

Download the PDF of the report here and let us know what you think!