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Happy Tail: A Pekingese poster child for senior-pet adoption



What if you got old and nobody wanted you? That’s the question posed by Judith Flatley, who adopted eight-year-old Queenie, a Pekingese whose previous parent had a stroke and could no longer care for her. The woman turned her five dogs over to Adopt-Aluv Small Breed Rescue in Mentor, OH, before going into an assisted-living facility.

Judith had already adopted one dog from Adopt-Aluv through Petfinder, and when the five dogs arrived, the rescue person called Judith to see if she could take on another.
“I hesitated,” Judith says, “because our other adopted Peke was such an Alpha that I wasn’t sure it would work out. Now I’m sorry I hesitated even long enough to discuss it with my husband. Queenie is the sweetest dog imaginable.”

Queenie had never been around men and was somewhat mystified by Mr.
Flatley, but “it didn’t take her long to wrap him around her little
paw,” says Judith. “She figured out what a pushover he is and now
cuddles away most of the afternoon in his recliner.”

Queenie came to
the Flatleys in good health and already housetrained. “She’s bright, fun
to be with, cute and fit right in,” Judith says. “To anyone who is
hesitant about taking an older dog, don’t wait. The love you get will
more than repay your kindness.”

Judith believes there is a special
place in heaven for people who run rescue groups and that you get in
front of the line for taking an older dog or cat. “Part of that
heaven,” she says, “is right here on earth.”

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