British couple travels 4,000 to adopt cat they found on Petfinder

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Rose and Chris Rasmussen with Sparky (photo:

While some of the 12,500+ shelters and rescue groups that list their adoptable pets with us will only adopt locally, not all of them have that policy, and we often get Happy Tails from people who traveled huge distances to adopt the perfect pet they found on Petfinder.

But this story about British couple Rose and Chris Rasmussen takes the cake. The pair spotted Sparky on Petfinder and fell in love, despite the fact that they live in suburban London and Sparky was at the Clare County Animal Shelter in Harrison, Michigan.

(Read the full story at Central Michigan’s

With help from Clare County Animal Control Director Dave Gendregske, who completed piles of paperwork and made
sure Sparky was microchipped, vaccinated, quarantined and vetted, the Rasmussens were finally able to travel to Harrison to collect their new family member.

While some might wonder what could be so special about any one cat that
a couple would travel to another continent to adopt him, true pet lovers
will tell you: When you see “the one,” you’ll do whatever it takes.

It boggles my mind to think that before Petfinder, adoptable pets would rarely be seen outside the walls of their shelters — and now, a little 8-month-old black-and-white kitten, to most observers not much different from any of the 3,000 tuxedo cats waiting for their forever homes, can be found by the two people in the world who think he’s a super star … even if they happen to live an ocean away. It just amazes me, the power of the Internet, of Petfinder, and of the love that people have for their pets — even the ones they have yet to meet in person.

Best of luck to Sparky and the Rasmussens. May their long journey result in an even longer life together.