Thinking of adopting a Selkirk Rex? Share your story!

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Meet shy but loving Eddiepusrex at Kansas City Siamese Rescue.

A major cable network that happens to be very Petfinder- and pet-adoption-friendly is filming a series about cat breeds, and for an episode about the Selkirk Rex breed, they’re looking for someone interested in adopting one of these exotic felines.

The producers are in touch with two rescue groups in particular about a pair of purebred Selkirks with star potential. If you’re interested in adopting either of these cutie pies, contact their respective adoption organizations.

If you’re the right fit for one of these great
cats, not only will you have a chance to be on TV, but you’ll add a wonderful companion to your life.

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According to our Cat Breed Directory, Selkirk Rexes are fun-loving, mellow and people-oriented. They’re known for

Calm, outgoing Peter is at Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode in Diamond Springs, CA.

their distinctive soft, curly coat, which can be either long or short.

There are currently 15 Selkirk Rexes or Selkirk mixes available for adoption on Petfinder. Learn more about the breed.