On Earth Day, check out these green pet tips!

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Photo: Emma’s K9 Kitchen (Flickr)

Today is Earth Day! You may be a die-hard eco-booster, a regular person doing their best (like me), or someone who is sick to death of hearing the “go green” message — but the fact is, we as pet parents have a little bit more of an environmental impact than those without pets.

Luckily, Petfinder’s sister sites have some great resources:

From PlanetGreen.com:

How to Go Green: Pets

6 Ways to Green Your Pet’s Poop

Where to Get Green Pet Products

Make Clothes Out of Your Pet’s Hair (apparently there are people who actually do this)

From HowStuffWorks.com:

8 Green Pet Care and Cleaning Tips

Petfinder survey:

Last year, Petfinder and TreeHugger.com asked visitors: Are you a green pet owner? These were the results:

Not really. I don’t fret over Fido’s environmental footprint. 22%

Half-way. I avoid the really nasty stuff — PVC toys, clumping clay litter — but
I’ll only pay a little extra for natural pet food and eco-friendly products. 64%

All the way. I compost my pet’s poop and cook his (organic, of course) meals myself. 8%

Other. 6%

Luckily a lot of things you can do to green your pet will also help you save money, such as making your own pet toys. We’ve got plenty of those tips here on the blog — see below. And if you’ve got any great green-pet tips, share them here!

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