Obama and family get their Portuguese Water Dog

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The Obama family has a new pooch! According to the Washington Post, Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts gave a six-month-old Portuguese water dog to the Obama family as a gift.

Malia and Sasha named the pup Bo because their cousins have a cat named Bo and Mrs. Obama’s father was nicknamed Diddley. Get it? Bo Diddley.

Although the Obamas did not get their pup from a local shelter as they’d said they hoped to, they say they plan to make a donation to the Washington Humane Society.

According to the Chicago Tribune: “The puppy was purchased from a breeder and then given back to the
kennel soon after the Obamas expressed interest in a Portuguese water
dog, a source familiar with the adoption said.”

The President has made many strides to be a good example to the rest of
the world by trying to live responsibly with his family. The Obamas
have planted a garden, said they plan to green the
White House
and more. However, I’m somewhat disappointed with
the source of their dog. I feel that the Obamas should have visited
local shelters, searched Petfinder and really made the world see
what it is like to adopt from a shelter. Not everyone has a Senator
friend who is giving away pups under high publicity like that.

Oh well. This is a nice surprise for Malia and Sasha, who had
to endure that two-year period of Dad being away from home and campaigning
for president. Those children deserve this promised dog, even if he
isn’t exactly from a shelter.

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