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Happy Tails: Saving a starved and scarred Pit Bull


Sammy-Blu-Hawley.JPGThe dog’s appearance was enough to make a person cry. He was starved and looked like a skeleton. Walking was hard for him, and he was riddled with scars.

Nevertheless, the good folks at Adams County Pet Rescue in Ritzville, Wash., knew he deserved a chance and took him in and placed him in a foster home.

It didn’t seem likely, however, that he would be adopted. He was in bad shape and, in addition, he was a Pit Bull Terrier, a much maligned breed. Nevertheless, his photo and description were placed on Petfinder. In addition to compassion, his rescuers and foster dad had an abundance of hope.

Carrie Hawley of Coeur d’Alene was mourning over the loss of her eight-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier, Bella, who had died of lymphoma. “I had a huge hole in my heart and could not stop the tears,” she says. She and her partner started looking on Petfinder at all of the Pit Bulls that needed homes, knowing many would never be adopted.

“The media hype helped create a massive fear and hatred for a dog that
served in two world wars and was once called the ‘Nanny Dog’ because of
their love for children and devotion to family,” she says.

she wasn’t really ready to open herself to the grief she was feeling
over Bella’s death. Then “one evening something told me to look [on
Petfinder] again,” she says, and when she did, she and her partner
found Sam (aka Sammy Blu).

She knew at once that the dog needed
them as much as they needed him. “He was full of scars, and a healed-up
old wound created terrible pain in his hip. He could barely walk on
it.” He had been a breeder and was also used as a bait dog in dog
fights, she says.

Today, in his new home with Carrie, his ribs
no longer show and his backbone is almost back to normal. Everyone had
thought the starved dog was all white, but as he regains his health,
his fur is growing back with tan markings.

“How could anyone not
want him?” Carrie wonders. “He’s the most precious Pit Bull ever to exist,
with a huge heart for love and a sense of humor, and he loves to play
and cuddle in our arms. Thanks to someone who saw the light in his
beautiful eyes, he’s my boy.”

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