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Happy Tail: A puppy-mill Chihuahua learns to live


OH-Iggy-Farkas.jpgThe little Chihuahua’s splayed paws and bowed legs remain as evidence of the worst kind of treatment. He spent his first eight years in a puppy mill, in a cage.

Demodectic mange, yeast infections of his skin and ears, a heart murmur and hypothyroidism plagued him and were left untreated. The plaque on his teeth had formed such a solid mass in his mouth that his jaw fractured multiple times.

Finally, he was released from his excruciating time in the puppy mill because his condition had deteriorated so that he was of no more use to his owners. He was surrendered to Little Angels Pet Sanctuary in Bellevue, Ohio.

For a year, his foster mom treated all of his conditions. She taught
him such rudimentary things as how to walk on grass and, more
importantly, how to trust people. She also posted him on Petfinder as a
special needs dog.

That’s just what Kathy Farkas and her
husband of Gahanna, Ohio, were looking for. They wanted to add a
special needs Chihuahua to the other three Chis in their happy and
loving pack.

“The minute I saw Iggy’s photo, I knew he was the one,” Kathy says.

Today, all of his teeth have been removed, the yeast infection is under
control and the mange is gone. He’ll be on medication for his heart and
thyroid for the rest of his life, but Kathy says, “He thinks his pills
are treats and loves the beef-flavored pill pockets.”

credits Iggy’s new Chi sibs with teaching him to be a dog. “Not only
can he walk on grass, he is now running and sniffing all around the

Each Friday, Iggy goes to work with Kathy and she takes
the opportunity to tell people his story. “He is a joy to have and a
great ambassador for Petfinder.” He is also a four-legged reminder
about the harsh realities of the puppy mill industry.

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