Sad news: Oprah adopts second puppy, who dies of parvo

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Oprah and Sadie (

As many commenters to this blog have already noted, news emerged this weekend that Oprah Winfrey, after adopting a cocker spaniel puppy from PAWS Chicago, adopted a second dog, her puppy Sadie’s littermate Ivan, who died of parvo.

As reports:

Ivan … came down with a deadly virus called Parvo last Wednesday and died, said Dr. Jean Dobbs, the veterinarian who [is treating] Sadie since she
was exposed.

“It was just a little bit too late. All the
veterinary community got together to save his life,” Dr. Dobbs told
PEOPLE Pets. “The puppy didn’t make it, but he’s teaching others how
important this is to get vaccinated at the right times.”

Dr. Dobbs, who founded Hemopet,
a non-profit animal blood bank [which also posts adoptable Greyhounds on Petfinder – ED], said that she thinks the shelter and
vets did everything right, but that Ivan was exposed between two
critical shots.

Puppies (and unvaccinated adults) around the country
are being hit with a new strain of the disease called Canine Parvovirus Type 2c. Dr. Dobbs said that shelters often hold puppies in isolation, but that Parvo “is everywhere; it’s like the flu.”

is tragic news, and our hearts go out to Oprah. It’s important to note
that, while many in the blogosphere are rushing to blame PAWS Chicago,
Dr. Dobbs thinks the shelter did everything right.

Very young
animals are incredibly fragile, and I know that when the shelter where
I volunteer has a parvo scare, they go into absolute DEFCON 1
status, quarantining all potentially sick dogs and scrubbing all
surfaces with bleach. But sometimes even the best defenses aren’t
enough against this deadly virus. I only hope this story doesn’t
dissuade anyone from adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue group.

Learn more about parvo here.

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