Rescued pit Liza Bean to get a Victoria Stilwell consultation!

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Congratulations to Liza Bean, the painfully shy pit bull rescued by Marley’s Pit Stop in Los Angeles. After getting the most votes from Petfinder visitors, Liza Bean will receive a complimentary phone consultation from It’s Me or the Dog star and renowned dog trainer Victoria Stilwell — as will the family who adopts Liza Bean.

(Meet the runners-up, whose caretakers will receive copies of Petfinder’s Adopted Dog Bible.)

Marley’s Pit Stop founder (and Liza Bean’s foster mom) Elizabeth Lujambio was overcome with emotion when she learned that Liza Bean had garnered the most votes, telling us, “I am so grateful to Petfinder and to Victoria Stilwell for this opportunity to help Liza Bean.”

She also gave us some more background on this sweet pup, a former
breeder dog who lived the first four years of her life in a crate. “She
is my most difficult placement — incredibly, painfully shy,” Elizabeth
says. “If someone looks her in the eye, she puts down her head and
retreats to the corner. Once she becomes comfortable — and bonds with
someone — she starts to lift up a bit.”

Although Liza B. does
“great” with other dogs (cats not so much), Elizabeth says she’s got a
long way to go with people: “I can’t even have a volunteer take her for
a walk — she is terrified and flattens herself to the ground. I’m
concerned about her quality of life. [But] she has learned to trust me,
and I know that we can find someone who can give her what I give her.”

thinks Victoria Stilwell’s advice will be just what the doctor ordered
for this very special dog. “What I like about Victoria is that it’s not
about manhandling or dominating the dog,” she says. “It’s about
understanding the particular dog and giving her an environment where
she can thrive — and that is what I want.”

Check back here for more updates on Liza Bean’s consultation and progress!

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