Petfinder survey: Economy putting more pets in shelters

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The national economic crisis is having a negative impact on pets, their families and the Petfinder member shelter and rescue groups who work so hard to save their lives. You can help! Please consider volunteering to temporarily foster a pet in need, donating your time or money to a local shelter or rescue group, and of course, adopting a pet in need.

A recent survey of our members about how the economic downturn is affecting them and their pets revealed that 84 percent of animal shelters and rescue groups are receiving more pets in need due to the overall economic downturn, foreclosures and / or job losses. And sadly, 74 percent said that they have seen an increase in pets being given away or abandoned since this time last year due to these economic trials.

According to the survey:

  • 47 percent of shelters and rescue groups said the No. 1 economy-related reason pets are being surrendered is because of general financial difficulty.
  • 18 percent said the driving factor was people having to relocate
  • 16 percent said the No. 1 reason was foreclosures also uncovered in the survey that 37 percent of shelters and rescue groups have seen a decrease in pet adoptions over the past year.

You can find over 270,000 adoptable pets on Petfinder. So if you aren’t ready to adopt yourself, be a voice for the pets and spread the “Adopt a Homeless Pet” call to action loud and clear.

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