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Happy Tail: An abandoned cat comes in from the cold


WA-Dunks-Cappelletti.jpg It didn’t take long for Robin Cappelletti of Issaquah, Wash., to know what her new house
was missing: a cat. And she knew just where to go to find one to adopt:

With more than 144,000 adoptable cats listed on Petfinder at any one time, it took Robin only 10 minutes to find the perfect one, even though she was specifically wanting a Torbie. (There are more than 800 Torbies listed on the site.)

The Torbie Robin chose was designated #5701 and had been abandoned in the winter, when “snow was all you could see,” says Robin. The kitten, dirty and cold and not more than eight months old, was picked up by Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service.

At the shelter, “I went into the cat cage and held her,” Robin says,
“and she automatically started purring and drooling on my jeans. At
that moment, I knew she was the cat for me.”

Today, #5701 is named Dunks and is the princess of her realm — Robin’s house, which became a home when Dunks moved in.

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