Puppy Bowl V featured ALL adoptable puppies and kittens

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puppy bowl.jpg

One of the adorable rescued pups playing the field on Puppy Bowl V

Hi all, those puppies (and kittens) sure were cute. I don’t know which puppies came from which shelters, but a full list of the shelters who provided animals can be found here.

Just click the link to go to that group’s Petfinder homepage, then click on “our pet list” or some such link.

Many of the puppies and kittens have probably been adopted (Puppy Bowl was filmed a few weeks ago), but PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP! There are THOUSANDS of adorable puppies and kittens waiting to be adopted on Petfinder, so please keep looking to find your own MVP (most valuable pet)!–Emily

I am sooooo excited for Super Bowl Sunday this year — not because I’m a football fan, but because Animal Planet is once again counter-programming with its famous Puppy Bowl … and this year, ALL the puppy players (as well as the kittens in the halftime show) are adoptable pets from Petfinder shelters and rescue groups!

Puppy Bowl V kicks off on Feb. 1 at 3 p.m. EST. Visit AnimalPlanet.com’s Puppy Bowl page, where you can:

For those of you who fans of both football AND adoptable pets, check out these Super Bowl star namesakes who are available for
adoption on Petfinder:

JJ jack russell.jpg

JJ is adoptable at Wilson County Humane Society in Wilson, NC

of course, while Bruce Springsteen will be singing at the Super Bowl halftime show, Toms River (NJ) Township Animal Facility has its own star in Boss
the “very friendly” rottweiler mix!