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Pets on a Budget: Easy homemade pet toys


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I’ve got some great tips on how to make your own pet toys, but first, a very exciting announcement: Rachael Ray’s Nutrish has pledged one pound of dog food to homeless pets for each card received on Dogfessions, Dogvice, Pugfessions/ Pugvice, and Bullyvice/ Bullyfessions!

The goal is to give THREE TONS of food to both Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue — we need 6,000 cards! Please send in your cards today!

Now for this week’s topic: Toys!

You know the old cliche that kids would rather play with the cardboard box than the expensive toy that came in it? The same holds true for pets. There are plenty of fun things around the house that you can turn into easy pet entertainment.

For cats: Ball up some used (but clean) tin foil and toss it around – even more fun, put a pinch of catnip inside the ball and watch your cat go nuts. Tape up a cardboard box and cut a cat-sized hole into it – toss in some catnip and you’ve got a cat condo that’s good for at least a few days of fun.

For dogs: Put a couple of old tennis balls into a old (but clean) sock that you don’t want any more. Tie the sock at the top and you’ve got a brand new toy! To entice your dog to use it, put some kibble or another smelly treat at the bottom of the sock before you tie it.

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Nikki Moustaki
is a dog trainer, animal expert and pet industry consultant who shares
her home with two rescued Schnauzers, Pepper and Ozzie, and two
parrots. She is the author of moer than 35 books, including Dogfessions: Secret Confessions from Dogs, based on her popular Web site, Her pet Web sites include,, and

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