Horses suffer, become homeless due to the weak economy

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Suzie Q is a formerly malnourished Percheron adoptable at Jessamine Humane Society in Nicholasville, KY

NPR recently aired a piece about how many horses are ending up in shelters these days because of the economy.

Some rescues have received more than 300. One horse they mentioned was abandoned, tied to a utility pole.

The commentator said that horses may be inexpensive to acquire these days, but, the piece warned, it takes a chunk of money to keep one in food and to pay for vet bills.

Still, there’s a great need right now for people who have the means. The piece concluded that there are simply too many horses — and that people shouldn’t breed them when so many need homes. Sound familiar?

(There are currently more than 2,500 adoptable horses waiting for their forever homes on Petfinder.)

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