Westminster Dog Show proves senior dogs are winners

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stump sussex.jpg

Stump (photo from MSG.com)

I’m not a huge fan of the Westminster Dog Show, but I couldn’t help being pleased that 10-year-old Sussex spaniel Stump won Best in Show this year.

The Sussex spaniel is a pretty exotic breed — there are only three adoptable Sussex spaniel mixes listed on Petfinder — but there are thousands of dogs age 10 and older waiting for their forever homes in shelters and foster care right now.

Many people overlook senior dogs (and other senior pets) when they’re looking to adopt because they worry their time with the pet will be too short and the inevitable goodbye too painful.

But I can’t think of anything more wonderful than knowing you gave a
pet the best years of his or her life — no matter how few — and that
you enabled that pet to say goodbye feeling safe and loved. Not to
mention that lots of senior pets have MANY happy, healthy, loving years
ahead of them.

I’ve adopted dogs who were just a few months old
and shared their entire lives with them, and I can say with confidence
that a dog’s latter years are my favorite. If you’re like me and your
top five activities include napping, watching TV, chilling, sleeping
and taking it easy — there’s a senior dog out there waiting for you!

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