Thanks to the Obamas for choosing their dog responsibly

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obama with dog

President-elect Obama, with a rescued puppy mill dog, in a photo from the book A Rare Breed of Love

The Obama family is making the
transition to First Family, and we all know what’s next: getting that new First Dog.

We’re so happy for daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, and so pleased that the Obamas are going about
their search for a new pet in a responsible way: They plan to reach out
to shelters and wait patiently for the right pooch to become available for

The family is concerned about all the right things: finding a pet
that will match their lifestyle and choosing a dog appropriate for Malia’s
allergies (how great that the Obamas believe a kid with allergies can know the joy of
having a pooch — they must have a good pet-loving pediatrician!).

I just want to
shout out a special thanks to the First Family for providing us with such a
great example of responsible pet selection. If folks follow their lead, I
believe far fewer pets will end up in shelters.

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