Member Spotlight: Parrots First

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Trousseau is available for adoption from Parrots First in L.A.

Dog and cat care is intuitive to most of us that have grown up or worked with animals. Birds, to me at least, seem so different, so … exotic.

That’s why it’s great that there are bird rescue groups to offer their expertise every step of the adoption process and throughout the life of your bird.

Parrots First, based out of Los Angeles, offers a Basic Bird Care class for all potential adopters. The group works to educate people on the proper care of parrots and parrot-like birds, their specific physical and psychological needs, rescuing companion parrots from harmful or unwanted situations and rehabilitating, when necessary, unwanted, found, or injured naturalized (free-flying) parrots; and offering these birds to qualified homes for adoption.

Visit Parrots First on Petfinder.

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