Canadian Petfinder member offers Obama doodle puppy

canada doodle.jpgThe Winnipeg Humane Society, a Petfinder member in Canada (yes, we do have rescue groups in Canada, as well as Mexico, posting their pets on Petfinder!) has some labradoodle puppies for the Obamas.

According to AFP:

The Winnipeg Humane Society helped police break up an illegal puppy
mill in the city in December, and seized 55 Labradoodles, including 21
puppies and two pregnant females.

One of them, named “Lilly,” has
since given birth to a litter of 11 “bright and happy” puppies, the
shelter’s executive director Bill MacDonald told AFP.

“When I
learned that President Obama’s first official state visit would be to
Canada, and that he was looking for a puppy for his daughters, I
thought a shelter puppy would make a great gift from our government,”
he said.

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