We love our pets … but what does it mean for the planet?

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Cat doing his business.jpg

Here are some instructions on how to toilet train your cat. Some people swear that it can be done!

Hello all pet lovers! I’d like to make this blog completely dedicated
to a topic SUPER close to my heart (besides pets): the environment.

Okay, hearing about going
green and being eco-friendly is getting kind of old, but I recently learned about the impact our adorable critters are having on the
planet. Our pets may be small, but because of humans, their footprint is HUGE.

I’m addicted to a new channel called
Planet Green, and was amazed to see a show hosted by who else
but Bill Nye the Science Guy. It’s called Stuff Happens, and it explores where exactly things come from. One recent episode was about pets. I was amazed at what
our care for pets is doing to the earth.

First of all, pets poop. We pick up
that poop in very eco-villainous ways. Do not leave poop on the side of the
road. Pick it up — and NOT with a plastic bag. Scientists
have created amazing compostable pet-waste bags that are getting
better and stronger every day.

Cat lovers, you’re not off the hook either. Cats poop in litter. Did you know that sodium bentanite, the ultra-absorbent rock
found in cat litter, comes from strip mines in Wyoming and Montana?
A mountain was destroyed for your convenience, not to sound to degrading. If
you can’t toilet train your cat (which is seriously possible), try for natural
litters made of wheat, straw or even newspaper.

Now that we’ve gotten the dirty business out of the way, I
would lecture you about other ways pets claw at our earth. The show was an hour
long, though, and you may not want me to go into much more detail. If
you really want to learn more though, and help our planet, check out these awesome blog posts:

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